The team leaders turn to when failure isnot an option.

Across the nation, and around the globe, defense and national security organizations trust their mission-critical priorities to Herren Associates. We combine innovative thinking with nearly 30 years of experience helping organizations protect and defend our country’s interests.

As global threats emerge, Department of Defense (DOD) and other security decision makers must find a way to maintain operational readiness and protect the warfighter, all while reducing costs. It’s possible to balance all three priorities – but not without a smart strategic approach.

“Stop looking for solutions to problems and start looking for the right path.”

-Andy Stanley

Using our proprietary SMART™ methodology, Herren works with our clients to document the full life cycle and identify the root causes of strained budgets and poor outcomes. This enables us to address systemic problems and re-engineer processes to create long-term solutions, not just quick fixes. As a result, the program benefits from repeatable, measurable improvements in cost savings and warfighting readiness.

Our experts have spent decades working side by side with organizations to build programmatic capacity across every stage of the life cycle. We know how to support executives as they work to meet the combat-proven standards of operating, maintaining, inspecting, and certifying forces. Our deep experience translates into actionable insights that ensure the right resources are being used in the right places and for the right reasons.

Here are some of the ways we’ve helped DOD and other security-focused programs boost performance while lowering costs:

We helped a new defense organization implement a comprehensive strategy to field and sustain unmanned and autonomous systems
We improved the performance of the military’s medical evaluation board process by significantly reducing cycle times while balancing site-level workforces to workload We optimized the impact to recapitalize critical assets by analyzing the cost of materials, assessing the rate and learning curve trends, and conducting risk and sensitivity analysis We established a program management office responsible for introducing an enterprise business system to support 72,000 users.
We drove end-to-end efficiencies across a defense organization by enabling technology, consolidating redundant assets, rationalizing overlapping applications, and optimizing large enterprise IT systems.
We secured cyber requirements for a newly established defense research organization by providing qualified validators and transitioning to the risk management framework processes and security controls

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“[Herren’s] thorough knowledge of AEGIS cost data, tireless effort, and timely delivery helped the AMDR
program maintain schedule… please accept my deepest appreciation for your outstanding support.”