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Who We Are

Herren is an engineering and management consulting firm with a proven record of maximizing value

Founded in 1989, our enduring commitment to public sector leaders has been to maximize the value for every dollar spent. Our value-driven approach is built on everyday collaboration with clients and business partners. We work side by side with leaders and make their mission, our mission.

At Herren, we believe that public sector barriers to achieving ambitious outcomes can be overcome using data, discipline, and ongoing partnership. We equip our clients with the information, tools, and plans they need to make the right decisions. We believe that our ideas and insights are only as valuable as they are implementable. We insist on providing defensible advice and analysis – even if it challenges norms and common knowledge. And we stand by our clients when the stakes are hgh. We are the partners that will drive operational improvements and manage strategic performance – maximizing efficiency, cost effectiveness, and the quality of results.



Entrepreneurial Spirit

We create new and innovative solutions for our clients.

Collaboration & Respect

We provide an atmosphere that encourages our people to explore diverse ideas.

Client Partnership

As trusted advisors, we are an extension of our clients’ business, delivering measurable and sustainable results.

Fiscal Responsibility

We deliver solutions to our clients by accepting join stewardship for managing resources and maximizing value.

Our Differences Make The Difference


As trusted advisors to public sector executives, our people are greatly committed to achieving real results. We care about getting things done, not just the next big idea. How do we keep moving forward and also maintain a unique analytical edge? We blend smart colleagues, challenging work, flexible policies, and great benefits into an engaging and supportive culture. Our engineering, management, and cyber consultants form teams with a wide range of backgrounds. Interdisciplinary problem solving based on real-world, multigenerational experiences means that our people are constantly inspired, learning, and driving towards better outcomes for our clients.




Our team is driven to improve our community. Herren supports our people’s passionate commitment to doing good. We have built strong relationships with innovative nonprofit, government, and private sector partners to offer unique experiences and training to boost social impact.

You are the spark

We encourage our people to be champions of change. Our team provides strategic expertise and a data-driven perspective that drives smart decision making when the stakes are high.

We’re always looking for bright, energetic people who are passionate about making an impact in their professional and personal lives.

Sound like you?


“[Herren’s] thorough knowledge of AEGIS cost data, tireless effort, and timely delivery helped the AMDR
program maintain schedule… please accept my deepest appreciation for your outstanding support.”