From inventory to impact: optimizing donation services with Good360
Optimize Impact

01 The Client

A nonprofit operating a warehouse with donations from manufacturers and retailers needed Herren’s help to support $1 billion in product donations annually. (Learn more about our community partner’s mission here:

02 The Challenge

The client had a strategic goal of reaching $1B in annual production donations, but they were unsure if their warehouse could process enough product, so they asked Team Herren to evaluate and develop improvements for their main (Omaha) warehouse and corporate office.

03 The Solution

Team Herren spent two weeks onsite conducting a thorough analysis of current warehouse operations, developed metrics tools to expedite the marketing and sales of donations, and addressed debranding, aged merchandise, administrative fees, and website advertising revenue issues.  Using traditional industrial engineering techniques and methodologies, Team Herren began developing new warehouse layouts and product flows. Additionally, Team Herren created new SOPs to prevent bottleneck processes.  In the second week, Herren analyzed the data collection practices for the Omaha warehouse, the future ERP implementation strategy, and the corporate operations. Herren delivered a data collection plan that included key metrics and visuals to help capture and understand process trends. This was the basis for the future ERP implementation strategy. Finally, at a high level, Herren reviewed corporate strategies in order to provide several recommendations

04 The Result

Team Herren developed seven actionable recommendations in order to maximize operations at the warehouse, with the potential to reach $1B in new product donations in the future.


“[Herren’s] thorough knowledge of AEGIS cost data, tireless effort, and timely delivery helped the AMDR
program maintain schedule… please accept my deepest appreciation for your outstanding support.”