Herren strengthens the community: Bridging education and family services with data-based decisions at CentroNia
Optimize Impact

The Client

A nationally recognized, award-winning educational organization providing affordable, quality education; professional development to educators; and family support services in a bilingual and multicultural environment to more than 2,400 low-income children and families. Herren is proud to announce a 5 year partnership with CentroNia, where we will jointly embark in achieving the organization’s strategic priorities to expand and deepen their service to families in the DC-region. (Learn more about our community partner’s mission here: https://centronia.org/)

The Challenge

The client’s executive board would like to periodically review the financial health of each of the programs in order to make effective business decisions.  There are also inefficiencies associated with the admissions / attendance process including reporting errors that have resulted in over $150,000 in lost funds during the past fiscal year.

The Solution

Team Herren has taken a strategic approach to address both initiatives and started by gaining a better understanding of the client’s mission and core values. The team also worked with the executive board and admissions staff to outline goals and key performance indicators to measure success. These goals were used to propose dashboard ideas and identify the data necessary to provide an accurate snapshot of program financials. The goals also provided insights into the admissions process, which has allowed the team to focus on key problem areas and opportunities for improvement.

The Result

Team Herren built an executive dashboard which will break down revenues and expenses for each of the client’s programs. By having the capability to look into the financials each month, this will allow the executive board to make data-driven decisions to best steer the organization for continued success. Additionally, the team will use the admissions process as a model to demonstrate how to use various process improvement tools and techniques. As the client continues to evolve as an organization, they can use their new process improvement skills to address other challenge areas and drive efficiencies throughout other aspects of the organization.

 interviews to determine the stakeholder requirements. Next, the team researched inventory control best practices and created a plan for implementing these practices at the client’s facility. Their research resulted in the decision to create an Access database for the client to manage and track inventory metrics.



“[Herren’s] thorough knowledge of AEGIS cost data, tireless effort, and timely delivery helped the AMDR
program maintain schedule… please accept my deepest appreciation for your outstanding support.”